Spark Point Music

Igniting Creativity


Using the power of music we help young people tell their stories.  
Stories that would otherwise stay inside.

At Spark Point Music we seek to spark the imagination and a sense of what is possible for youth when their voices are heard and valued.

We're all about facilitating passionate engagement, which doesn't always take place in conventional music lessons.  If you'd like your child to be involved with music, we center our programs around their imagination and enjoyment- making music fun and accessible!

We give youth ages 7 to 18 an opportunity to create art and music in an encouraging environment, seeking to minimize judgment and increase acceptance of themselves and others.

We provide inclusive space, instruments, gear, and guidance for youth to compose, record, and perform original music- bringing their stories, experience, and passion to the world.

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Our Amazing partners

We have partnered with the Power of Hope charitable society, making your donations tax deductible!


Youth Programs

If you’ve ever wanted to play in a band, learn an instrument, write your own music, and / or learn how to record and produce music then our programs are for you!  No previous musical experience is necessary.  

For our 10 week programs we offer Rock and Hip Hop sessions for ages 7 to 8, 9 to 12 and 13 to 18.  These sessions have youth coming together in groups, or “bands,” to write, record and perform original music.  All of the songs originate from and are written by the youth, with support and guidance from adult musicians


Rock Program x 10 sessions

Our Rock Sessions focus on live instruments and vocals.  We start with basics on drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, keys and vocals, giving all of the youth a chance to try out each different instrument and see what interests them.  We welcome other instruments as well.

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Hip Hop Program x 10 Sessions

Our Hip Hop sessions focus on creating musical arrangements, or “beats,” on a digital platform, writing hooks and verses, and learning about origins and history.  We also introduce free styling and word association all in a fun, inclusive space.

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1 on 1

We also offer 1 on 1 sessions for youth who are interested in specialized mentorship and access to our studio space.  We can work on producing an album of individual or collaborative work, explore various instruments and/or get further in depth with recording and digital production knowledge and skills.


Hear the Music!

Check out the youth music made in our studio at Linnaea Farm.


A Heartfelt THANK YOU!

from the youth at Sparkpoint Music.

After our pilot run of programming the youth had a message for all of the donors that helped get us off the ground and continue to support us.  Thank you!


Spark Point Music Staff

The big kids.


Dan Peters


Passionate, compassionate, and present.  Dan Peters is a professional facilitator, music producer and musician who whole heartedly enjoys helping youth connect with themselves and each other through music.  Through years of work and training with PYE Global and the Power of Hope youth empowerment camps, Dan has found deep satisfaction, meaning and impact through his work with youth and music.

Photo credit Amanda Mary Creative

Spark Point

Scholarship Fund

At the heart of our mission, we prioritize participation and accessibility.  The majority of families could not afford the full cost of our programs so we are seeking to offer them free of charge- with your help.

We believe that all youth need engaging avenues for creative expression.  This work builds self confidence, leadership, tools for emotional support, and strong community fabric. 

In the future we are looking to further expand and diversify our programming to reach younger youth, along with a vision to reach youth on Quadra Island and Campbell River.

    If you feel called to donate to our Scholarship Fund know that any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated.


Spark Point

Gear Fund

Consider this our WISH LIST.  Through fundraising and donations we've acquired various instruments and gear but we are still in need of more items to offer a complete experience to our youth.  These items help us enhance our recording and performance capacity.  We try and source used gear when possible and welcome donations.  Listed below are particular items that we are looking to acquire, both large and small.  Please contact us if you'd like to fund or donate a particular item.

  • Guitar Strings - $7 pack

  • Drum Sticks - $8 pair

  • Instrument Tuners - $25 each

  • Cables - $25 - $60 each

  • Mic Stands - $35 - $50 each

  • Instrument Mic - $60 each

  • PA Speaker Stand - $100

  • Overhead Drum Mic - $100 each

  • 16 Channel Mixing board - $650

  • IMac Production Computer setup - $4,650


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